The Chairman’s Report March 2017

6 Mar

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation has published the March 2017 Chairman’s Report.


We must wish Chief Jonathan McMahon congratulations, thank you and best of luck as he leaves the Fire Foundation Board of Trustees and Tucson to become the Fire Chief in College Station

Finances: The Foundation continues in positive financial position with all receivables up to date. Accounts are approaching the six figure mark with the majority of those funds as either donor or board restricted. Sustainable funding need:$1M. Estate Sale/Resale opportunity appears to be viable means of raising needed funds as this activity is something we somewhat control and have volunteer and board members with expertise in the area. Discussion re more growth in the resale area is planned.   We continue to pursue grants to fund firefighter health and wellness needs.

The Foundation has a tremendous opportunity for fundraising as well as promoting the culture and history of the fire service in the Tucson region. Dave Ridings has been keeping us up to date on the progress of the history book which has been being drawn from the “Archive”. The book is coming to fruition and the foundation has opportunity benefit from the publishing of the book. Authors, Al and Bob Ring are very accomplished as authors as well as other aspects of their lives. The authors ask for nothing more than creative license and to not be compelled to go on the circuit to sell the book. We have asked Dave to champion and steer this project. Luis has provided his legal recommendations on the project.  The Trustees will be asked to allocate funding for the project should we wish to benefit financially from the initiative.

Firefighter cancer is on the rise and will soon overtake cardiac as the number one killer of firefighters. Firefighters, especially in southern Arizona have a very high incidence of skin cancer. Much higher than the general population. We have an opportunity to contribute to remedying some of the death, dismemberment and illness associated with undetected or late detected late skin cancer. This like many of our initiatives will take funding. More on this at Thursday 3/9 meeting.


Vision: To be the premier community organization  working to provide access to needed resources for our greater Tucson firefighters and families.

Mission: Assess and respond to unmet needs of the greater Tucson firefighter community by facilitating access to health and wellness resources, while recognizing Firefighting/EMS heritage and culture.

Submitted: Friday March 3, 2017,  Mike McKendrick, Chairman Greater Tucson Fire Foundation.



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